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Although you might not have an HR department to help you navigate benefits as a gig worker, you should still have access to affordable and reliable options. Becoming a member of the Alliance of Gig Workers powered by SelfGood allows you to browse our Marketplace to search for a variety of products that you can purchase at a better price. This is where there is real power in numbers: thanks to the strength of our growing community, you can take advantage of group savings on an individual basis.

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Limited Indemnity

A limited indemnity plan helps you offset medical costs by paying you a fixed benefit for hospital stays, ER visits, and certain other medical events and procedures.

Term Life

Part of adulting is making sure that your family is well-cared for should you lose your life. Term life insurance will guarantee a payout to your beneficiaries in case a tragedy occurs.

Accident Coverage

Accidents happen, but they can be expensive. To prevent financial ruin should you experience a qualifying medical accident or event, accident coverage will keep you protected by taking care of the related expenses.

Accident and Critical Illness

In addition to accidents that could potentially land you in the hospital, being diagnosed with a critical illness can also be detrimental to your financial situation. An Accident and Critical Illness plan helps remove the burden by covering some of the expenses.

Affordable Care Act Plans

Browse affordable healthcare plans on the exchange thanks to the Affordable Care Act*. Outside of Open Enrollment, you can purchase plans if you have a qualifying life event, like turning 26 or getting married.

*Access to plans from the Affordable Care Act does not require an Alliance of Gig Workers membership.

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